Kairosoft (Game Dev Story) uploads its management games to Steam

Japanese developer Kairosoft has added its simulation titles – originally launched for mobile phones, although several of them have ports on other platforms – on Steam.

A total of five games: Station Manager, Dream House Days DX, Dungeon Village, Hot Springs Story and the most popular quiz, Game Dev Story.

Game Dev Story is a management game in which you face a video game studio. Ah, we will make decisions that will have to be seen with the employees, but also with the coverage and marketing of the titles that we are launching. The game was originally launched in 1997 for Windows, but the version that became really popular was its remake for Android and iOS in 2010. With a similar structure, Station Manager places us in front of a train station; Dream House Days, an apartment building; Dungeon Village, an aldea in a fantasy world; and Hot Springs Story, one of the hot springs.

All video games are available at the initial price of 10 euros on the developer’s Steam page. There is an initial discount for which you can buy for 9 euros (7’80 €, in the case of Game Dev Story).

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