Jump to Fortnite with Twitch Prime Pack # 2

Twitch Prime Pack # 2 will be available from tomorrow

Rich y Epic games has announced it starts on May 9thwe can demand the exclusive attendance «Trailblazer «el True North Back Blingthe top “Tenderizer » and a feeling «Freestylin » to Battle Royale Fortnite completely free if we subscribe Twitch Prime.

The Twitch Prime button can only be downloaded on a single platform (PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One), the content is shared and available for use on PC / console and mobile devices, always and when you use the same account. Epic Games. Content is not shared between Xbox One and PS4including the same Epic Games account.

Twitch Prime is an enhanced Twitch experience included with Amazon Prime. The benefits include a free button on a game every month, no advertising, free subscription to a channel every 30 days and all the benefits of being an Amazon VIP member.

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