JGOD shares Call of Duty’s favorite feature

The benefits Warzone players offer a range of benefits ranging from a faster weapon exchange speed to carrying two main weapons in the same charge. Depending on the style of play, there are unlimited Perk combinations to choose from before plunging into the Caldera and Rebirth Island.

As attention has begun to focus on the launch of season 3, Raven Software recently made changes in several ways with the intention of changing the existing metamorphosis.

Content Creator JGOD recently analyzed several elements of Warzone and revealed in a recent video his favorite perk that appeared in Call of Duty.

JGOD’s preferred Call of Duty benefit

On April 11, the content creator responded to a Twitter post in which he asked what is the best benefit shown in a Call of Duty title. With people like Stopping Power, Dead Silence, Ninja and Sleight of Hand appearing in the answers, JGOD responded with a perk that was much appreciated.

Stalker first appeared in Modern Warfare 3 and does not allow movement penalty for players as they move downward. This improves the speed of movement dramatically, even when heavy equipment is used as light meters. Many players have tried to agree with JGOD and have recorded unsurpassed attack speeds.

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Is Stalker coming to Warzone?

The addition of Stalker could result in a popular addition to the Warzone Perk target. Despite its popularity, the increase in the speed of movement of all weapons would have had a negative impact on existing techniques. While it may not appear in Warzone in the short term, there is a possibility that it will appear in Modern Warfare 2, which launches in October.

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