JCC Pokémon returns for SPIEL 2017

Following the success of Pokémon’s debut at SPIEL in 2016, The Pokémon Company International has today announced that it will return this year with a larger and better presence.

SPIEL, Europe’s largest annual table and table game fair, takes place from Thursday 26 October to Sunday 29 October in Essen, Germany. Event assistants will be able to visit the booth to play in various formats of JCC Pokémon tournaments, meet other players and win amazing prizes. There will also be events on the stand to learn to play and informal games.

Pokémon Collectible Card Game, The Pokémon Company International
The highlight, the SPIEL Cup, takes place on Saturday 28 October. In this case, the expanded format will be used and players will compete to win important championship points, an exclusive trophy and other excellent prizes. All players will receive three best JCC Pokémon packages just by participating.

On Sunday, October 29, Pokémon Professors will be invited to participate in a unique tournament, the Teachers’ Cup. With exceptional rules and a format created specifically for the tournament, it promises to be a fun event designed to appreciate all the hard work the professors have dedicated to making the program a success.

It is noted that some JCC Pokémon events will have an entry fee in addition to the SPIEL registration fee. Visit the Pokémon booth for more information.

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