James Ohlen “BioWare has always had a lot of control over the type of game it plays”

Game Informer has conducted a new interview with the former BioWare developer James Ohlen who recently left the studio after 22 years to face new challenges. In the interview, Ohlen opened up a number of interesting topics about BioWare, Star Wars: The Old RepublicEA’s black hand after the development of new titles like Anthem and the recent “stampede” with the resignation of former employees.

According to us in the interview, since E3 there has been some doubt as to whether Anthem is not a “classic BioWare game” and that the missing key features are present in other titles (eg mixed dialogues, romances, etc.). Ohlen asked him if he had made a conscious decision on the part of Bioware, it was simply an evolution, or if he had pressured EA to do things differently.

“Even though Anthem is not doing well, I do not think it’s the end of BioWare”

“The fact that BioWare is doing something other than Anthem does not mean that BioWare is not going to make games that lean more towards the traditional style than what is known. It’s just an opportunity to do something a little different. The decision was made by BioWare’s own team, I know there are many conspiratorial theories that EA is behind this, but that has never been the case. BioWare has always had a lot of control over the type of game it playscommented Ohlen. He also added that Electronic Arts “seeks to make BioWare part of the company with a wide range” and that “respects what BioWare offers”. He also said that “BioWare is very different from all the other aspects of its business, so that including Anthem is not doing so well, I do not think that’s the end of BioWare “.

James Ohlen regrets that “Star Wars World of Warcraft” is true after a Knights of the Ancient Republic Online.

Star Wars: The Old Republic also had its moment in the interview, and Ohlen admitted that he felt proud of the game and of the leadership of a large number of developers to the extent that it evolves. Without hesitation, I regret that there is no more pressure “against the creation of a species of Knights of the Ancient Republic Online instead of a” Star Wars World of Warcraft “.

“Many of the comments that came to us when Star Wars: The Old Republic came into play were, ‘Hey, we wanted Knights of the Old Republic Online,’ something that would look more like World of Warcraft. I know , where it came from, but I’m still proud of where Star Wars: The Old Republic came from, James commented.

He was also asked about his current project, Odyssey: The Dragon Lords, to which it describes as “we wanted to produce a hard tape book that has the same level of quality as Wizards of The Coast does with Dungeons & Dragons right now. We worked with a lot of different artists and photographers, and it was a lot of fun. It called Odyssey: The Dragon Lords. Much of its inspiration comes from Greek mythology, but it is something like Greek mythology combined with Dragon Riders or Dragonlance. It has an epic story and an open world where “the masters” and the players can experiment using the rules of the expedition, “he commented. Ohlen makes it clear that the world of video games is currently being swept away to launch a Roller Book.

Hymn, James Ohlen

If you are interested in reading the full interview, you can do so on the Game Informers website. We also have a large entrance that tells about all the features of Anthem that you should see.

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