It turns out that the men killed by the Russian Federal Security Service as pro-Ukrainian operatives were FPS “STALKER” fans Sabagamer

Russian STALKER enthusiast may have been killed by FSB as Ukrainian saboteur


According to the article

On November 23, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) announced that it had killed three Ukrainian saboteurs as they prepared to attack a border energy facility in Voronezh.

However, the Moscow Times reported that it was a fan of the computer game STALKER who was killed.

The Moscow Times has identified two of the three murdered. The two were survival gamers who also participated in the STALKER role-play game.

・FSB reported that it seized improvised explosive devices, parts for their manufacture, firearms, various ammunition, encryption communication devices, etc.

Reportedly ‘flag of Ukrainian nationalist party’ seized by FSB turns out to be in-game flag

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