It seems that the production side also admits that the reason why Gundam became an explosive boom from a low audience rating was actually thanks to 〇〇!

Were women behind the “Gundam” boom?The reason why I was eagerly watching the first broadcast, which had a low audience rating

Yoshiyuki Tomino Low viewer rating Gundam Char Garma Amuro Beautiful Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

So what actually happened? Started broadcasting in 1979The first fans who enthusiastically supported “Gundam” were rather women.

They were also manga writers and animators who are currently attracting attention for theatrical animation “Mobile Suit Gundam Cucuruz Doan’s Island”.I loved the character designed by Yoshikazu YasuhikoIt is.

TV animation characters targeting boys at that time,Strong and masculine patterns were soughtHowever, in the meantime,The character Mr. Yasuhiko drew was smart, sharp, and had a sweet face.It is.

What drew attention to this character was a teenage girl in high school or college, who was not the audience that the production side had envisioned.They are the main characters designed by Mr. Yasuhiko in “Gundam”.Focusing first on so-called “beautiful characters” such as Amuro and his enemies Char and Garma, he created his own doujinshi and introduced the world of his works and dramas. I supported “Gundam”, which was still largely unknown to the world, with all my love.

On the other hand, Gunpla was released half a year after the broadcast of “Gundam” ended. Furthermore, it was not until a few months later that it became generally known thatAn incident in which a large number of fans who tried to purchase a Gunpla were knocked over on an escalator.was featured in the news.

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really w

↑ Maybe it’s true
My father was super good at making Gundam models and showed off his love for Gundam.
I think I watched it because of my mother’s influence.

Well, Char’s archetype Prince Charkin was very popular with fujoshi.
Yoshiyuki Tomino Low viewer rating Gundam Char Garma Amuro Beautiful Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

In the scene where they borrow the shower in Garma’s room (the production side expresses Char who hides his identity and approaches Garma to let his guard down), it’s relatively famous that the guys who had a strong delusion requested the rebroadcast Kibon.

Garma is the type that seems to be popular with girls.

W was amazingly popular with women
Both male and female species
x is detective Kototakagi or an idiot

Tomino mentioned that in Turn-A’s Healing as well.

When I went to the piano class, I was talking about Gundam, even though there were only older sisters around me.When I was in elementary school, I didn’t like Amuro, who was nayonayo, but I remember it strangely that all the older sisters were more Amuro fans than Char.

it’s my mother
took me to the movies
I said Kyaa Kyaa to Char

this looks real
In Tomino Midai’s book, he wrote that “the first customer was a junior high school girl.”
I didn’t know it’s too surprising
Yaruo PC sweat hmm hand on chin

It’s the origin
The latest work has a female protagonist, but how is it from the perspective of female fans?
Husband who does not do counter smile

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