Is there free roaming after the game? Disputed

Elex 2 is the type of game that has a lot to do at any given time. The only problem is that sometimes, with the game of the open world, when the story is over, you have to load a preview to the end or start a new game. So we’re here to answer, Is there free roaming after the game in Elex 2?

Is there free roaming after the game in Elex 2?

It is a place to announce that yes, there is free roaming after the game in Elex 2. The game is still open for players to explore once the credits have accumulated. There is also an epic mission for the players as they communicate with all their teammates and allies to prepare for what is to come, be it in a future DLC or in Elex 3.

Nothing has really changed since the story, but there is definitely a better sense of freedom that the constant sense of urgency to follow the path to your companions’ main story disappears. At this point, of course, your jetpack is perfect. Therefore, now is the best time to explore parts of the map that you have not seen before and start working on achievements and trophies. Elex 2 has a pretty easy list of achievements / trophies for all hunters.

One of the most important things to do after exploring after mastering the story of the Elex 2 is to unlock all possible travel stations. The jetpack is still doing well, especially now, but it is impossible to get off the tables right away from the huge map and take advantage of the loading time.

If you have it, that’s all you need to know about free roaming after the game in Elex 2. Speaking of quick unlocking of travel points, we have a handy guide to that. In addition to a guide on how to update your mochila propulsora so that it is on the list for the afterparty.

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