Is there collaboration mode and how does the asynchronous multiplayer mode work?

The multiplayer mode in Returnal can seem a bit confusing on the surface, especially if you are not so familiar with the functionality of the multiplayer mode played in games like Demon’s Souls or the Dark Souls series. In this guide we will guide you through some common questions regarding Return multiplayerand explain how its components work online.

How Returnal’s multiplayer mode works

As you advance through the planet Atropos, you will encounter the corpses of explorers. Some of these frames will show how they have killed other players (as long as their PS5 has an online connection), while others will have audio recordings that reveal more details about the story.

Developer Housemarque gave some details about this in a post on the PlayStation blog:

“As shown in our trailer, Selene also discovers her own body of explorers in Atropos. These cadres can present projections of other players’ deaths (through our online systems) or exploratory audio recordings that will leave other versions of Selene that she does not remember recording. .

The projects show the death of other players in Returnal, where you can eventually decide to look for items in the rest or face your death, eliminating events that are best discovered during games. The content of the history of the sound recordings is a craft story, while the projects are created through the death of other players and are found everywhere in Returnal’s surroundings ”.

When you encounter the body of an explorer showing a hologram of another explorer’s building, you will have the option of ‘Search’ or ‘Vengar’. That’s what Returnal’s multiplayer is all about.

always multiplayer

In the ‘hurricane’ you will be able to pick up a lot of elements from your body that can help you on your adventure. Without restrictions, this requires that you already have something ether to spend on doing this, so if you do not have it, you can choose to leave or ‘vengar’ explorers.

If you choose the option ‘Venganza’, you will have to face a strong enemy. Defeat the enemy and get ether that can be used to clean up malicious objects or to use special devices. It stays with me even when you die, so it’s worth it to try to take revenge on other players when you have the opportunity.

Is there a cooperative multiplayer?

Yes, from the Returnal 3.0 update, which launches on March 22, the game will have a collaborative campaign. At the time of writing this update, there are no further details on how this functionality will work or whether it will make things easier for players trying to reach the end of Selena’s adventure.

We will update this section with more details on the cooperative multiplayer mode once we have it in our hands.

That’s all you need to know about return multiplayer. For more tips and tricks, check out our wiki or see more of our game coverage later.

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