Is “The Last of Us Part 3” in Development? ? In addition to PS5, manufacturing on PS6

Rumor: Naughty Dog Is Working On The Last Of Us Part 3 With PS5 And PS6 In Mind

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ViewerAnon, a widely known leaker with a confirmed monitor report, revealed final November that The Last of Us Part 3 was in improvement.The information cheered followers, however the official assertion was considerably totally different.

That’s as a result of Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann has introduced that he’ll “only go ahead with[a sequel]if there’s a story worth telling.”

However, in line with Sony sources, The Last of Us Part 3 is definitely in improvement. It is claimed that manufacturing is progressing “with PS6 in mind” whereas being for PS5.In different phrases, this work can be launched on the finish of the PS5 life cycle, and there’s a risk that an improved model can be launched on PS6.

Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier additionally identified that “game development cycles are getting so long that if a big-budget game studio started working on an entirely new project today, it would probably be for the PS6.”

The success of the HBO drama model is predicted to play an essential position within the improvement of the sequel.

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I’ll purchase it on the primary day! !

The drama is such a giant hit, even when I do not prefer it, I’ll begin twisting the sequel lol

Well, pondering usually, there is no motive to not make a sequel.

But is there something extra to attract?

Part 2 was additionally nice and I’m trying ahead to it too

I would like Naughty Dog to make a brand new IP…

Last Ass 3, is it nonetheless coming!? ?
After Ellie and Abby…

…What about Joel? ?


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