Is Square Enix Music’s DMCA safe?

Square Enix has a large library of excellent soundtracks, from the Final Fantasy series, the Chrono Trigger, the Mana series and many, many more. As such, some players may wonder whether or not Square Enix’s music is secure under the DMCA and copyright-free so that it can be included in their transmissions in other game videos. Here’s everything you need to know.

Is Square Enix Music under the DMCA?

Unfortunately, it seems that Square Enix’s music is under the DMCA, or at least the company has not announced that the music is not copyrighted.

As such, it is not recommended that they intend to use the music during any transmission or as part of their own remix of the songs.

This theme has already been due to the fact that Square Enix Music’s official YouTube channel launched several official low-fidelity versions of some of the soundtracks from their games last week.

You know all these videos with ‘low fidelity rhythms to study and relax’ that appear on YouTube, yes, they are in that kind and you can see an example later.

If you click on the video above and go to YouTube, you will see in the video description that all tracks are under the copyright of Square Enix and as such would be under the DMCA, Copyright Law of digital millennium.

If anything changes on this front, we will update this post and we know it, but so far the short answer is that Square Enix’s music is not safe according to the DMCA, or at least we should not assume that it is so desea. avoid any copyright notice against it.

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