Is Sony Honda’s new electric car equipped with PS5? ? Mizuno CEO “Sony’s content will be an advantage against Tesla”

Sony-Honda Wants To Compete With Tesla By Putting PS5 In Its EVs


According to the article

・Sony and Honda established a new electric vehicle (EV) company, “Sony-Honda Mobility”

*Sony and Honda are discussing how the new company will compete with rival EV companies. One of those ideas isMaking cars centered on entertainment, which Sony excels atis

・ Yasuhide Mizuno, Chairman and CEO of Sony Honda Mobility, responded to an interview with the Financial Times.“Sony has content, services and entertainment technology that move people. We are adapting these assets for mobility, which is our strength over Tesla.”said

・ Mr. Izumi Kawanishi, former Sony AI robotics business president and Sony Mobility presidentit’s ‘technically possible’ to build the PS5 into their carssays that

Mizuno said that the company is building a production process centered on “content first,” and will launch the first model in the North American market by 2025.

With Tesla surpassing Japanese giants such as Toyota to become one of the world’s most valuable automakers, the EV market has seen tech companies such as Apple and Google line up with traditional automakers. has changed into a race to develop EVs

But with Sony and Honda putting content first, another notable feature needs to be developed.that’s self driving

・Mr. Kawanishi responded to an interview with the Financial Times,“In order to enjoy the space inside the car, it is necessary to make it a space where you don’t have to drive. The solution for that is autonomous driving.” “But this will take time to evolve.”said

・In 2025, PlayStation content may be installed in Sony’s EV

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