Is Rogue Legacy 2 on Xbox Game Pass?

Ten years after the original Rogue Legacy defined a genre and generated several imitations, its sequel was finally launched on a mountain of platforms that were not originally available. For all Game Pass subscribers, this is what it means to ask Rogue Legacy 2 is on Xbox Game Pass. After all, does not make sense to buy a game that you already have access to?

After 18 months, Rogue Legacy 2 has finally joined an expanded advanced access program. PC players have been enjoying the peculiarities of the sequel for some time, but for those waiting for the launch of 1.0, already on PC or console, it is now time to see everything with a new eye. Follow the instructions to determine how much (if any) you go up on the training train.

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Is Rogue Legacy 2 on Xbox Game Pass?

If you have an Xbox and want to play it on the console (or sometimes on the PC), you may want to ask yourself if Rogue Legacy 2 is on the Xbox Game Pass. If so, and you subscribe to the ingenious service, you can play the Cellar Door game at no extra cost.

Unfortunately, Rogue Legacy 2 will not be available on Xbox Game Pass at the time of launch, and the developers have not said anything about its possible launch at a later date. The first game has not yet reached the service, so we do not have history to activate it.

Rogue Legacy 2 launch date and platforms

Rogue Legacy 2 is now available from April 28 after having more than 18 months in advance access to PC.

Without a doubt, the full launch is not only for PC, but will also come for Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles.

Without restrictions, anyone hoping for a launch on other platforms will have to wait as the game is not available for PlayStation platforms, mobile devices or Nintendo Switch. We hope Rogue Legacy 2 gets on more platforms over time, but the small team from Cellar Door will have to work on them.

The first game has finally arrived on PlayStation (including Vita), Switch and iOS platforms, and so with the excellent reception of the second game, we hope it will be ported as well.

Without restrictions, there is always the possibility that it will happen at some point. Depending on how good the game is in how many sales, you can add to the list each time more games are at a later time. We will make sure to inform you if that changes and receive any news.

Price information

If you do not want to wait until Rogue Legacy 2 comes to PlayStation, Switch or Xbox Game Pass, you can buy the game now. Because of what we played, we told you it was worth the pain if you liked the first game as much as we did.

Normally, Rogue Legacy 2 would cost £ 20.99 on the Xbox, but that would reduce to £ 16.79 at launch. It is not clear how long the special price will be active, so it is quick to get a good offer.

On PC, the game usually costs £ 21.99, but has been reduced to £ 17.59 until 9 May. You still have time to take advantage of the offer, so take advantage if you are not looking forward to other platforms.

Until the dream of Rogue Legacy 2 Xbox Game Pass becomes a reality, you might consider playing something like Darkest Dungeon. It’s in Game Pass (and Cloud Gaming). PC gamers can play it on the Epic Games Store, but it will also be able to access Steam in the future.

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