Irdeto adquiere Denuvo strengthens the security of the video game industry

Do you think it’s stronger than ever in 2018?

Irdeto one of the world’s leading companies in digital platform security working with Denuvo. Irdeto provides anti-piracy and anti-spyware solutions for PC games, mobile devices, consoles and VR devices. The acquisition of Denuvo provides even greater affinity in the video game industry and gains customers such as Electronic Arts, UbiSoft, Warner Bros. and Lionsgate Entertainment.

“The success of any video game depends on the ability of the title to function as the editor intended,” he said. Doug Lowther, CEO of Irdeto . “As a result, protection is as much about the game as well as the gaming experience for end users. Our association brings decades of experience in security under one roof to better deal with new and changing security threats. We are eager to work together as a team on a range of initiatives to improve our core technology and services to better serve our customers ”.

Although Denuvo focuses its attention on protecting the virtual economies of online multiplayer titles to prevent data and code from being tampered with and distorted to gain an advantage over other players or avoid microtransactions in the game, the main reason is Denuvo has gained so much popularity (and was liked by some users) by offering a ‘temporary’ protection that is hard to avoid.

In its latest version 4.8, which is found in titles such as Sonic Forces, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Need For Speed ​​Payback, Football Manager 2018, Injustice 2, Star Wars Battlefront II and Star Ocean: The Last Hope HD Remaste, only the first could be broken in the square of 3 monthsenough time to protect the initial sales period and thus live up to the expectations of the company purchasing Denuvo services.

“At Irdeto, we bring together a unique combination of security experience, technology and enhanced piracy services to aggressively address the security vulnerabilities that customers and gamers face in the hands of hackers,” he said. Reinhard Blaukovitsch, CEO of Denuvo.

To conclude, many users are not very happy with Denuvo, at least the players of Assassin’s Creed Origins, who according to the popular cracker Voksi, performance is affected between 30 and 40% above the CPU now that Ubisoft is using VMProtect with Denuvo.

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