Invisible, Inc .: tips and tricks to get you started

Before you play the Invisible, Inc. game, you definitely want to know these simple but useful tricks and tips. If you have any advice, please share it with us!

Things to know before playing

  • Do not bother with the crack. You get xp depending on the difficulty level and level of completed missions. Keep playing until you have unlocked all the other characters, some of them disguised.
  • Credit missions only work with one certificate card, but sometimes cybernetic implants also have a certificate gateway with two additional implants.
  • The items with ammunition (2/2, 6/6) do not load between the missions and the energy packs load only one charge. Generally avoid them. The same thing happens with the articles that take PWR, simply not worth the pain.
  • Haga that his agent with anarchy is looking for leaders in the pockets before they hit already has a base of ~ 1k.
  • The guards are the only ones who hear / live, so it can distract them from something else by closing or opening a door that they can see.
  • Look open look, you are playing at least as a starter.
  • It is best to avoid guards who catch them whenever possible and then from patrolling to searching. But tampoco preoccupies you by leaving dead guards on your way, a dozen confused turns will pass. Well, if you keep moving, just do not do this until you pass where the departure is, and then it is a pita to overtake the guards you are looking for.
  • The unsuspecting guards distracted one from the other, so they approached each other with shouts and footsteps. Get a few extra laps before you start searching.
  • Buy fast. Time is not on your side. Set the power to two for the traction speed and then the speed to 4 for the general.
  • Sometimes it’s worth it to be seen through a camera and run if you’re in the middle for at least two laps to hack it.
  • The search guards first check the open doors so they close all the doors behind you, but leave some open sides to distract.
  • The lines of sight of the guards do not turn left or right when they turn 180, they can stop next to a guard and not see it when they return or continue with the patrol.
  • Unless the guard is alert, he will not be able to see where you are hiding, even though he is by your side. You can hide in many more areas than the rivers. You can also keep yourself occupied by a guard who is simply leaning against the other side of a pillar you will never see. It’s his friend coming in, that’s the problem.
  • International, xu, banking, sharp, have all the skills that make them one step ahead of the others and one should be in your team.
  • You can open powerful boxes and barricades on guards with your abilities, as well as kill drones with cameras.
  • Do not underestimate the Slam implant, it’s amazing! Credits are life.
  • Some items are better than others, but Trap 3 and Sheet 3 are a very good game. There’s also Wisp.

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