Investigating the “Most Hated Smartphone Apps” Around the World The Most Hated App in Japan is Seriously! ?

“Most hated smartphone apps” by country turned out, which apps do Japanese people hate the most?

World smartphone app unpopularity survey Roblox Tinder Reddit Image related to Japan-02

To find out which apps people hate, tech news blog ElectronicsHub used HuggingFace, a machine-learning-based sentiment analysis tool, to look at the percentage of negative tweets for each app.

As a result, it turned out that “Roblox” is the most hated game app in 21 countries around the world, even though game apps are a genre that is often relatively positively evaluated.

The second place is the matching application Tinder,The bulletin board-type social news app Reddit, which came in third place, was the most hated in Japan.

World smartphone app unpopularity survey Roblox Tinder Reddit Image related to Japan-03

Incidentally, Reddit also seems to be the most hated app in Germany and Finland.

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No way Reddit

I feel like Reddit isn’t known enough to be hated

I just found out that Reddit has Japanese, but it has an old Twitter feeling.

it’s funny in japan

1. Bucchigiri de LINE
2.All about Soshage

It’s supposed to be cleared up.

Tinder has a good balance and is hated by the world

It’s a disgrace, but a lot of apps go away without being liked, let alone hated.

Awesome reddit! ? I think there are more Japanese people who have never even touched it! ?

There’s a reason why Roblox is hated… Sora, it’s number one

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