Inquiries about Bridget’s gender in ‘Guilty Gear’ flooded → Officials clearly answered, “Gender identity is 〇〇”, and this time criticism poured in… It’s all messed up

Developer’s Backyard Vol.11 (Released on 9/14)

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We’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about Bridget’s gender.However, after going through the Bridget story in Arcade Mode, Bridget came to identify herself as a woman.
that’s whyWhen asked which pronoun is correct, ‘he’ or ‘she’, Bridget answers ‘she’.

As mentioned in the character description above,Born as the younger twin brother, Bridget is raised as a girl by her parents, hiding her gender to protect her from village superstitions.

However, Bridget’s parents are heartbroken because they feel they are forcing Bridget to live a way of life, even if it is to protect her from superstition.
Bridget realizes this, and tries to free her parents from the guilt of forcing her to live a way of life by acting like a man and enriching the village with her own activities, in other words, overturning the superstition.
As a result, superstitions disappeared from the village, and neither her parents nor her had to be bound by a way of life.

Afterwards, Bridget feels uncomfortable trying to live as a man.
The arcade mode story begins here. After interacting with Goldlouis and Kai, Bridget decided to face herself, who had dared to turn away from her, and make a big decision for her.
I would appreciate it if you would watch over the path that she took courageously and chose to be true to her own feelings.

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↓ SNS criticized this response

from twitter

Feels like one attribute died and another was born

I won’t go into too much detail, but overseas there is often controversy as to whether to call a male character “Mr.” or “Ms.”
In Japan, it’s normal for women to add “kimi” to their address…

If you don’t make it clear in the explanation like this, you won’t be able to understand it when you’re overseas.I personally think that

Uncouth, uncouth, and easy

Let the player’s imagination
This is the answer to the refund fuss

Don’t allow the political correctness neighborhood that narrows the range of interpretation

A man’s daughter isn’t LGBT, don’t confuse it with reality, Takosuke

just what the official says

… troublesome!what is this
Because of the incomprehensible culture, everyone, including the official, is just in trouble…
Yaruo in front of PC Anger Bulbul

Feeling that no one in the political correctness problem will be happy…
Is another culture dead?
Husband who does not do white eyes

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