Infinity Ward was haunted by Ghost before Modern Warfare 2 Reveal

With a new Vanguard and Warzone season approaching, attention is already focused on the launch of Modern Warfare 2. On April 22, Infinity Ward’s social network erupted, sparking some form of publicity along the way.

The profile picture and the leader of developer twitter The story seems gloomy at first, but on closer inspection, an improved version of the headline reveals the silhouette of a fan’s favorite character.

With a look ahead, enthusiasm for the return of the Modern Warfare series is starting to grow again for the sake of the players who have already missed the current offer.

Ghost appears in the teaser for Modern Warfare 2

Notable Call of Duty filter, Tom Henderson, posted the enhanced image showing Ghost hidden under a staircase, suggesting the new game involves a lot of characters.

Current rumors say that the campaign for a player is centered on a war on drugs against Colombian cards, and when Ghost shows up, Task Force 141 interviews.

The upcoming rise after the latest speculation is about the unveiling of Modern Warfare 2. The filter ‘Ralphs Valve’ suggests that it will show up even earlier with a large-scale unveiling that will take place in May.

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When to sell Modern Warfare 2?

With Modern Warfare teasers starting to appear, the launch date will not be very late. Recent filters suggest that Modern Warfare 2 launches in October, after a season 6 is not mentioned in Warzone and Vanguard’s game archives.

Modern Warfare of 2019 was also launched in October, and as it is said that the development is ahead of schedule, there are many chances that the game will end before it is expected.

Stay tuned to our Modern Warfare 2 page for the latest news, filters and information on the launch of Infinity Ward in 2022.

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