Infinity Ward unveils the Modern Warfare 2 logo

It’s official. After months of progress and speculation, Infinity Ward confirms that Call of Duty 2022 is Modern Warfare 2. Preparations for the sequel to 2019 are on track for community enthusiasm.

After a quick launch on social networks that almost confirmed Ghosts’ return, the developer has shown the first look at a new logo for its upcoming launch.

Contrary to reports that the logo will present a palette of blue, a brief advance will show the return of green, synonymous with the Modern Warfare series, in addition to some obscure backgrounds.

The Modern Warfare 2 logo is revealed

On April 28, the Call of Duty Twitter account shared the logo with the world. In addition, players with eagle eyes have already found ambiguous coordinates in the trailer along with a brief overview of the legendary insignia Task Force 141.

The coordinates of the trailer drive to Marina Bay in Singapore, the seat of the Fórmula Uno race in the country. With a fantastic hotel overlooking the area, will Singapore host part of the campaign for a player?

The current information about the campaign says that Task Force 141 will fight against Colombian drug cartels, but as with all filters, tumble with brushes until more information is found.

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Modern Warfare 2 release date

Despite some reports that Modern Warfare 2 will be unveiled on a large scale in late April, the unveiling will now take place in late May.

In the period leading up to the rumored disclosure date, we can expect more advanced and shorter videos to emerge. Who knows what fans will find out about Infinity Ward’s ultimate taquilla success.

For more information on Modern Warfare 2, check out our dedicated page filled with the latest news, filters and information on the upcoming launch of Infinity Ward.

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