Indie Developer Receives User Protests After Stuffing Pandemic Negativity Speech Into Park Ratings

Indie gladiator game Domina has received hundreds of negative reviews in recent days on its Steam page, after the developer introduced an anti-mascara message in the ratings of the latest park.

The notes of the park seem, a priori, normal, talking about novelties and optimizations, but in the middle of the list of features the developer writes “QUITÁOS LAS PUTAS MASCARILLAS”.

“​ ​ STOP THE MASCARILLAS PUTAS. The next time you were in a supermarket, you tried to teach a woman your face. Be confident, not afraid of lies – you wish you had met new women don’t like men who cover their faces in fear: “What are you afraid of? To be bound?”

“How to complete a game in two easy steps… Add microtransactions years after launch and add weird mascarilla talk to your park notes”; said one review.

“Politics and personal perceptions should not be part of the game’s marketing campaign”, added another user. “The developer thinks otherwise. To say that COVID-19 is a lie after millions of people have died from this virus is not just a lack of responsibility, but sheer ignorance.”

Thus, the game went from “very positive” to “basically negative” reviews.

like a sign Gamer on PCThis isn’t the first time developer Dolphin Barn Incorporated has included similar messages in its park notes. Last year he added a commentary on the fight that said “stubborn men have no personality” and that “strong morals are gained by hard work and sacrifice and cannot be obtained on Pornhub and Onlyfans”.

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