Independent gaming platform considers NFTs a “scam”

Indie video game platform has taken a stance against NFTs.

In a Twitter thread, he called NFTs a “scam” and suggested that people who support these virtual tokens should “review their vital decisions.”

“NFTs are a scam. If you believe they are a legitimate use for anything other than creator exploitation, financial scams, and planetary destruction, then we ask that you please reconsider your vital decisions,” he said in the first message.

And it doesn’t stop there, specifying that “the jodan also tells any company that it supports creators and also criticizes NFTs in any way”.

The people end up asking “How can you be so dense?” about people supporting NFTs.

NFTs are the trending topic, but also the most controversial in the video game industry in recent months, with a majority of opposition from a large majority of users.

Some of the companies that have announced plans referring to NFTs, such as Team17 (with a collection of NFTs from Worms) or GSC Game World (with NFTs in the future STALKER 2), have already backtracked with their initiatives after testing the visceral opposition from part of the public.

Actor Troy Baker, who had backed a voice company NFT, also received a cable after seeing how his image had been damaged as a result. And companies the size of Electronic Arts have also changed their rhetoric, from showing enthusiasm for NFTs a few months ago to a statement issued a few days ago.

Others, in turn, follow in the footsteps of the opposition. Among them are Ubisoft, which has come to use the comodín to say that players “don’t understand”, and Konami, which in a state of hypocrisy said a few days ago that NFTs are a way to preserve media classics.

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