In the newest episode of the anime “ Chibi Maruko-chan ”, the ugly who wears a furisode on the day of maturity is silly and burns

The newest episode of “Chibi Maruko-chan” is controversial as “lookism”… Maruko sarcastically stated to a girl in furisode that “it came out amazing” (lady herself)-Yahoo! News

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The nationwide anime “Chibi Maruko-chan” (Fuji TV) is broadcast each Sunday. The broadcast on January eighth is titled “~New Year! Sakura Momoko Screenplay Festival~”, and the preferred script written for animation by the unique creator, Momoko Sakura (age 53), can be newly drawn and directed. broadcasted.however in itA scene from “Coming-of-Age Day” quantity is inflicting controversy on the Internet.

“Coming-of-Age Day” Volume, which depicts a day through which Maruko spends “Coming-of-Age Day.” Maruko, who has an excessive amount of free time on her trip, invitations her finest good friend Tama-chan to exit to play.“Hey, that person is really beautiful,” “It’s true, she’s beautiful.” Another lady in a festive gown seems.

In distinction to the well-proportioned options of the primary ladies I noticed, the girl was drawn with massive mouths and nostrils. When Maruko sees her, she will be able to’t assist however say, “Gee, something amazing came out.” Tama-chan additionally stated, “Yeah, that’s amazing…” with a strained voice.

There, Sasaki’s grandfather, who runs a kimono store, seems. The lady’s kimono, which Maruko and others had been stunned by, was bought at Sasaki’s grandfather’s store, and he says that he got here to greet the girl who visited the picture store. Maruko and Tama-chan proceed their dialog whereas watching Grandpa Sasaki addressing her lady.

Maruko: “Well, the kimono looks expensive, though.”
Tama-chan: “Yeah, it’s a nice kimono.”
Maruko: “It doesn’t matter if it suits you or not.”
Tama-chan: “Yeah, that’s different.”

Furthermore, Maruko“If a beautiful woman over there wore it, it would look great,” Chikuri stated.Even after I heard Sasaki’s grandfather say to the girl, “You really suit her, you must have taken a beautiful photo.”“I’m sure the kimono photo is” lovely “,” the kimono “is” lovely,” he continued with a sarcastic remark.

After that, the scene adjustments to the story of a newly grown-up younger man who meets at a shrine, however on the finish of the story, the girl seems once more.There can be a scene the place Tama-chan’s father reluctantly captures the festive kimono on digital camera.

Judging the worth of human beings by look in opposition to this collection of flowsImmediately after the printed, there have been a collection of essential voices on the Internet saying that it was “appearance supremacy and lookism”.Noda.

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ugly grass

It simply labored for Bush
shut up ugly

> “Gee, something amazing came out.”
Weak woman “Gyaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

Don’t criticize something

Hitting Chibi Maruko-chan

The unique is like this

↑ This
This is the unique Chibi Maruko, so for those who do not prefer it, have a look at one thing else

Do you suppose “Chibi Maruko-chan” is a “good and kind-hearted manga” (laughs)?

Only Chibi Maruko-chan and Beasts come out

Tama-chan is mainly a great woman, however the truth that she shares comparable values ​​with Maruko, who has a pointy tongue, makes me really feel like we’re actually good pals, and I prefer it.

First-timers who’ve by no means learn the unique story or essays are making a fuss, aren’t they?
Her work sells on this fashion.
What are you ready for…

There had been a couple of different ugly jokes moreover this

I believed the anime Chibi Maruko-chan misplaced her fangs a very long time in the past, however there are nonetheless instances like this.

The unusual factor about lookism is that ugly and petty phrases about males aren’t an issue.

Honestly, males do not care as a lot about seems as ladies do.
Ugly males are allowed, however ugly ladies aren’t.

Oh my God, we have come to an age the place even Chibi Maruko-chan’s venomous remarks aren’t tolerated.
Chibi Maruko-chan coming-of-age ceremony ugly lookism femi-related images-10

As lengthy as a girl says disgusting disgusting issues to a person, lookism will not go away
‘Cause that is what lookism is
Chibi Maruko-chan coming-of-age ceremony ugly lookism femme related images-11

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