In the era of Xbox, it may come with a problem … Microsoft “I will raise the price of PS5. My Xbox …”

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Mr. PS5, it will end with Gachi due to the price increase … “Gaming PC is fine”

Xbox reacts to PlayStation price hike

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Since the announcement of the PS5 price hike, Xbox fans and gaming industry commentators have speculated that Microsoft willI thought they would follow suit.Focusing on value through Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft has made a lot of ground with the current generation with the more affordable Xbox Series S targeting 1080p while delivering next-gen speed.In a tough economic climate, if Microsoft raises the price of its consoles when families are in trouble, that claim gets a little holed up.Some may have an opinion, and Microsoft seems to agree.

A Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement on Windows Central,No plans to increase prices for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series Sand reiterates its commitment to maintaining standard suggested retail prices in various currencies including US dollars, British pounds and euros.

This is due to the fact that the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S console price increasesI can’t say for sure, but Microsoft has no intention of raising prices in the short term.There is no doubt that it is a reassuring sign showing that.

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Well, to put it the other way around, even if Sony raises the price, they don’t think that XBOX is a small fish.

↑ Bibi couldn’t raise the price in North America.

The price of the box and the PS was so similar that it seemed like they were colluding, so it can be said that it is proof that it is healthy not to follow at times like this.

I miss Microsoft
fight fair and square

I think they wanted to sell the PS5 at a higher price.
In addition to the fact that the XSX was cheaper than I imagined, the XSS was also released, so I forced myself to make it that price.

In North America, where inflation is rampant, prices should be raised in line with rising prices.
Not doing that proves a blatant emphasis on North America.

You don’t need an Xbox if you have a PC with a decent amount of graphics
However, even after two years, the PS5 is only a resale product, and the price has been raised, so I don’t need it anymore

Sony is the only unscrupulous company that imposes a burden on users

It’s been a few years since the game went on sale, and if you say it’s natural that you won’t raise the price of the hardware, the evaluation will go up.

The price increase this time, there is no price change in the United States, which is affected by inflation…
What will happen after PS5
I'm worried about my husband, hmm

It’s painful because the price is raised while the supply is not catching up.
I don’t think there are that many people who can accept that it can’t be helped
Husband who doesn't do it, arms folded, sweat

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