[Impressed]A story about a developmentally disabled son who has been truant for many years, and thanks to the encounter with “Touken Ranbu”, he is never late and absent at school and becomes the vice president of the student council and receives a job offer from a company.

My son got an offer today.
School refusal in 5th grade
Thinking back on various things, I thought it might be possible,
Diagnosis of developmental disorders, autism spectrum disorder
6th grade school refusal
Revived in middle 1 middle 2 support class
Middle 3 truancy
Non-attendance at school for the disabled for 1 year

I gave up because it can’t be helped
Spring break for high 2
Encounter with Katana Ste Natsu no Jin


From there
High 2 no lateness no absences
Candidate for student council
(Vice president after losing in rock-paper-scissors)
Practical training at a fairly large company recommended by the school
high school 3 no lateness no absences
Internship at a company when I was in high school

After receiving a nomination job offer and going through a recruitment interview
Today, I received a job offer for the handicapped.

Touken Ranbu Musou -Switch
4.5 out of 5 stars

Reactions to this article

・It was such a wonderful story that I cried

・The power of pushing is amazing

・Hearing stories like this makes me happyπŸ€—
The mother, the son, and Somezuru-san are wonderful.

・After all, the guess is the strongest πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

・I was touched by reading to the end…
After all, the existence and power of pushing is precious…
Thank you for your hard work, mother.
From now on, have a wonderful life with your parent and child! I can’t help but pray.

・It arrived at Someya-san himself

・Amazing, Katana Ste and Somezuru are changing people’s lives! ! ! ! ! !
Your son has an eye for understanding that goodness! ! Jealous! !


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