[Image]The author of “Higurashi” and “Umineko”, Ryukishi07, has been drawing for 20 years, and here is the result wwwwww

Thank you for waiting!
The event key visual is open to the public✨
“#07th Great Banquet” will be held at Entas Akihabara from October 7th (Friday).
We are planning to hold a lot of projects such as exhibitions and live performances!


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that? Are the early days better?

I’ve grown since then…

Beatrice is definitely better in the dragon knight version


↑ As expected, there is only the person who writes the sentence
The facial expressions of the characters are delicate and skillful.
Battler’s crying face

This Rena is the best picture ever drawn by a dragon knight.

↑ Why! Do a touching picture!

this is this
If the author of Bobobo and the art got better, he would lose his individuality.
This is the dragon knight

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