[Image]”Higurashi When They Cry” Soshage collaborates with “School Days” → It’s going to be extra hell than you may think about… the results of mixing the worst and worst… (((((;゚Д゚)) ))

[Event notice]
2/13 (Monday) from 18:00
A collaboration occasion with “School Days” “What year’s cheating” will probably be held❗



NCih HT9


Reactions to this text

grass in hell

Why did you combine this with this 😰

In addition to Makoto, Keiichi was additionally killed.

Dangerous to combine

Makoto and Rika-chan
The contents of Harawata have been modified, are they mates…?

[Pickup card]
SSR[Disturbing Afternoon]Keiichi Maehara (CV: #Soichiro Hoshi) picked up❗
A tank with sturdy sturdiness and counters💪
[Evil]Endurance whereas giving steady injury with poison and burns 👊
……That’s not it

Higurashi ought to collaborate with Dragon Ball


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