I’m ○○, the man who calls Nintendo Switch software program a “cassette”

“I nonetheless name it a cassette” Voice of settlement with the title of the software program for the change


According to the article

・”The SNES generation still calls this a cassette!said Twitter user “Paltina”.

If you take a look at the connected pictureThere are 4 software program for Nintendo Switch, It is positioned casually in a so-called bare state … Huh? Is this a “cassette”? is it flawed?

・If you are feeling that means, you will need to have been born earlier than the 80s.Actually, in accordance with the official web site, the software program for Nintendo Switch“game card”is known as, sadlyThere isn’t any notation of “cassette” anyplace.

・By the way in which, “Nintendo 3DS” and “PS Vita” software program with comparable shapes had been written as “soft” as they had been.

・The firm’s sport software program is formally launchedIt appears that it was referred to as “cassette” till the Super NintendoSo, the later Nintendo 64 is “cartridge”To. Since then, GameCube and Wii have began to make use of disk media, so plainly the time period “cassette” has utterly disappeared.

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