[Illegal Abadakedabra]All-you-can-shoot spells forbidden on this planet of Harry Potter within the new recreation “Hogwarts Legacy”! ? → It’s a very long time in the past, so it is authorized, is not it? →It was unlawful in any case

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▼ How it really performs

Even earlier than the regulation was made, it was a law-breaking abadakedabra!

Teacher: “Let’s memorize 1717 without having to be abada kedabra. You’ll be on the test here.”

If you say “Illegal” to unlawful Avada Kedavra, please research historical past.
It was usually utilized in duels till it was outlawed in 1717 by the Wizards Council and the Ministry of Magic.

Illegal Avada Kedavra is de facto dishonest
I need my oolong tea again

Illegal Abada Kebabura’s font is just too humorous

Illegal avatake tabla www
Your vocabulary is just too good www
Yaruo burst out laughing bang bang

As lengthy as you watch the video, it is unlawful, however it’s all you are able to do with Abadakedabra!
I wish to enter the world of Harry Potter as quickly as attainable
Husband who doesn't do it, joy, round and round

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