[Ikan]”Splatoon 3″ finds a trick to make the clothes of the cute new idol “Fuka” transparent wwwwww

from Twitter

I’m starting to want splatoon 3

Is it time for a splatoon debut?

genius huh

That means you can always see through the jellyfish! ?

this is fine for today


Raise your hands honestly
Because I don’t get angry.

Kurage-kun was watching everything…! !

I should use this for contact lenses

Bad eyesight is the biggest regret in my life

there is a game
If you try to see a transparent object through a transparent object, it will not be displayed

Why did you notice that? (Confused)

Yaruo PC serious face

I’m a PlayStation believer, but I think I’ll play with the switch for a change today!
Yaruo Appears Garat Sweat

I don’t know if it’s a problem with the processing, but if I let a transparent object pass through it, only the jacket will disappear…
I often found something like this…

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