“I saw a leaked video of GTA6 but it’s crappy www” → Famous game developers release “early development videos” one after another! this is precious video

“Supra” and “CONTROL” looked completely different in the early stages of development…Many developers objected to the claim that “the graphics are the first thing to be completed in game development”

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・On Twitter, a user’s tweet stating that “graphics is the first thing to be completed in game development” has sparked controversy, and various game developers have argued against it.

・The source of this topic isUsers Complain About Graphics Quality In Leaked Footage Of In-Development Build For Next Grand Theft Auto GameIn particular, a tweet complaining that “ gamers do not understand the mechanics of game development at all ”.Various discussions are taking place in the tree, but among them is the spark of this time“If you know how game development works, you know that visuals are one of the first things to get done.”The game developer countered the reply.

・The official account of “Cult of the Lamb”, which combines cult management and roguelite action, has released a comparison video of the early development and the completed version.

・In the video released by Paul Ehreth, the lead designer of Remedy Entertainment’s psychic action “CONTROL”, interiors and objects without textures stand out.

・Rhythm game “Rift of the NecroDancer” with cute illustrations uses an image of a person who seems to be the developer to create a “Rhythm Heaven” style yoga stage. This is also quite different from the actual game screen.

・Splatoon, whose latest work was just released on September 9th, was not a squid or an octopus, but a black and white cube that painted each other with ink in the early stages of development.

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