[I did it]”Balmudaphone” wins the Good Design Award wwwwww

from Twitter

Three BALMUDA products won the 2022 Good Design Award. Since 2005, our company has received awards for a total of 21 products. We will continue to deliver exciting and wonderful experiences through our products.

Valfon is good design grass

This has surpassed the iphone…

Something about the content rather than the design

Hmmmmmmmmmmm ? ?

I question the sensitivity of the Good Design Award judges.

Japanese design has also fallen.

There must have been a smartphone with a better design even without the shitty performance

I like being told I’m a jerk at Yoshida Seisakusho

The sadness that the world found out that home appliances are only “looks” because of smartphones

I really don’t like the design and size.
The specs and price are just ridiculous

Even if Balmudaphone wins, it’s like declaring that it’s an award that you can get if you load up on money.

World, this is Jobs in Japan!

Ba, Balmudaphone won the Good Design Award…! ?
Husband Joy Goo Sweat

This is a big reversal in Balmudaphone 2…? ? ?
Husband who doesn't do it

Balmuda The Range Microwave Oven Black BALMUDA The Range K04A-BK

Release date:
Manufacturer: BALMUDA
Category: Home & Kitchen
Sales rank:
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Balmuda The Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner Cyclone Black BALMUDA The Cleaner C01A-BK (Black)

Release date:
Manufacturer: BALMUDA
Category: Home & Kitchen
Sales rank:
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