Hyper Front launch date, characters, weapons and everything we know

With clear similarities to the Valorant tactical heroes game, Hyper Front is preparing to bring the strategic FPS 5v5 game to mobile devices before Riot Games sees the light of day. UN Hyper Front launch date Probably not enough time, but the communicative nature of the game’s social networking accounts already puts a lot behind the well-kept secret that is Valorant Mobile in terms of tangible existence.

Developed by NetEase Games, the free game contains a large amount of armor in addition to a number of heroes with different abilities that can drive spectacular moments of the tactical game. Verbal and non-verbal communication are likely to be the key to its monitoring, and it is well known that most game developers are trying to find a way to make small tactical shooters work on mobile devices.

For those looking at this from Valorants burbuja, Valorants expense calculator probably has its benefits. Hyper Front already demonstrates microtransaction skills, and being aware of its own consumables can undoubtedly help it prepare for a possible change in mobile gaming.

When is the launch date for Hyper Front?

So far, the game has been launched in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. NetEase is looking to launch the game globally, but an exact launch date for Hyper Front has not yet been revealed. Since the game already has one ES Twitter accountit is safe to assume that a global launch is at least at the planning stage.

Hyper Front Heroes and Skills: Who can you play with?



Explosion Disparo triple, Jetpack, Mega Shark Rocket (Ultimate)
Parpadear Blocked horizon, space-time leap, space leap (definitely)
Blood poisoning Ceguera, Sed de sangre, Beserk (Ultimate)
foundation in the freezer Trampa Icecore, Barrera de Hielo, Tormenta Helada (Ultimate)
Elixir Curative cooling, electric cooling, revitalization (final)
Flecha de fe Explorer arrow, Heavy arrow, Megatiburon scale (definitive)
Centinela Drone, grenade launcher, grenade launcher (definitive)
Tormenta Cycloneburst, Tornado Burst, Tornado (Ultimate)
Trueno Embestida relámpago, plasmatilstand, Choque de ions (definitive)
valquiria Automatic tower, perseverance shield, area explosion (definitive)

The current version contains a total of ten playable heroes, and each of them has two basic abilities along with a definitive one. See a complete list of heroes and their abilities in the table above. The exact details are lacking at the moment, but the beta version of Hyper Front is expected to come with time.

Hyperfrontial weapons: how many weapons are there?




Rifle de francotirador

M29 M870 QBZ R93
Aserrado AA12 MK14 Barrett
USP Vector Alaska Knight
Heavy pistol UZI CICATRIZ M249

To get out of an early picture of the Deathmatch screen in the beta test, it looks like there are already over 20 Hyper Front weapons in the game. See the table above to at least see the name and type of weapon you can expect to use.

At the moment, it’s very similar to the Mobile Value list, and the game certainly offers some ideas for creating Riot Games like this.

What are the maps and modes of Hyper Front?

Hyper Front presents a range of vibrant battlefields located in all types of locations. These are just some of the Hyper Front cards we know so far:

  • Momijigawa
  • Polar Exploration Center
  • Citizens’ City – Kavilek
  • Havernes by – Strocci

In addition to the standard Mode Search and Destroy, there are other modes that offer experiences that differ from the usual dose of tactical play. See the complete list of Hyper Scape game modes below:

  • pelea a muerte
  • Arms race
  • Search and destroy without classifying
  • Classification and search for destruction

Will Hyper Front have microtransactions?

You can not avoid them. It has been confirmed that Hyper Front microtransactions are an idea. The current beta test shows things like elegant weapon designs and masks that are already for sale. The interesting thing is that they also seem to have subsistence limitations, so only the fastest shoppers can have the daily rotating cosmetic items in their hands.

That’s all there is to know about Hyper Front so far! Be sure to bookmark this page to find the latest news on the launch of this very promising mobile shooter. For very similar mobile shooters, check out the PUBG Mobile 1.9 calendar and everything we know about the Apex Legends Mobile launch date now that it’s ahead of access.

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