[Hurry up]The PC version of epic action “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” is now available for free on the EpicGames store! ! Limited to one week until September 9th! !

The PC version of “Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition” is now available for free on the Epic Games store.

The period is from September 2nd to September 9th at 9:00.

During the same period, a bundle containing in-game items for “Submerged: Hidden Depths” and the free-to-play fighting game “Knockout City” is also being distributed for free.

Free Tomb Raider!

get it for now

Knockout City Population Growth

tomb raider is free
thank you epic

SotTR is also distributed for free… There are too many games I want to play

Hey…I bought all of them with money…

The mystery solving is interesting, so come on. By the way, the pad is easier to play.

Everyone does it because it’s funny and the main character Lara is beautiful

It’s amazing that such a high-quality game can be distributed for free.I’ve never played the Tomb Raider series, but I think I’ll give it a try.

Tomb Raider is next after Horizon

DLC included w

I just bought a gaming PC, so thank you.
Japanese is also supported, so it’s okay. The picture is so beautiful.

this series was fun

Shadow of the Tomb Raider
People who can’t play right away should definitely get it!

There are too many free-to-play single-player games and multiplayer games these days, and I just don’t have enough time…
Husband who does not do nenbutsu namu

Rise of the Tomb Raider[CERO Rating “Z”]- PS4

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Manufacturer: Square Enix
Category: Video Games
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[PS5]The Last of Us Part I[CERO Rating “Z”]

Release date: 2022-09-02
Manufacturer: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Category: Video Games
Sales Rank: 22
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