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If you like Roblox Anime games then you will probably like Hunter x Athena. As with most of these games, we have some Hunter x Athens codes to provide an early advantage in the game.

Hunter X Athena is another anime game in a long line of popular anime titles on Roblox, but it is based on Hunter x Hunter.

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All Active Hunter X Athena codes

  • 3000 me gusta_klan – return to form the clan
  • 3000 me gusta_cara – go back to running
  • 3000 me gusta_color – go back and roll the color again
  • 9000 clan – free clan iteration
  • 9000Klan2 – free clan iteration
  • 9000 Cara – go back to running for free
  • 9000Cara2 – go back to running for free
  • ! 500ClanReroll – free clan iteration
  • 500NenColorRepetir – Repeat color is free
  • 500FaceReroll – go back to running for free
  • 700ClanReroll – free clan iteration
  • 9000 kr – Repeat color is free
  • 9000Nen2 – Repeat color is free
  • LeoCodigoFijo – free clan iteration
  • LeoGift – free clan iteration
  • 700NenColorRepetir – Repeat color is free
  • 700CaraRepetir – go back to running
  • ! FaceReroll – go back to running
  • NenColorReroll – color change nen
  • ClanReroll – clan change

These codes are all active codes for Hunter x Athena from July 7, 2022.

Discarded codes

There are currently no recommended codes for the Hunter X Athena. Be sure to use all of these codes because we do not know when they will run if they run. Be sure to return regularly to see if any of the codes have been deleted.

What are the Hunter x Athena codes?

Hunter X Athena codes are codes that you can play in the game. These codes are used to change different aspects of your personality. You get codes to change your face, clan, color and more.

The codes for Hunter X Athena are provided by the developer Hunter X Athena and provide codes for several game modes. Follow Discord, Twitter and Developer’s Trello so we have the latest codes for you.

How do I play Hunter X Athena codes?

Swimming Hunter X codes are very easy to make. These are the steps to chase codes.

  • Start Roblox
  • Home Hunter X Athens
  • Once in the game, tap the “Codes” box on the left side of the screen.
  • You can also open the chat.
  • Enter the code

If the code does not work, be sure to tell it in writing or copied exactly. If it still does not work, try shutting down the game and restarting.

And those are all the codes we have for you! Be sure to check back regularly to see if new codes are being added to the game! In the meantime, you can definitely check out some more code guides for Anime World Tower Defense, King Legacy, and Blox Fruits.

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