Hunter/Hunter Staff “What’s in Jump now’s what I drew 4 years in the past.

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Hunter Hunter Staff Tanehana 4 years ago Stock Episode 30 Comment at the end of the book Hiroyuki Togashi Dark Continent Phantom Troupe Suspension-related images-02

I can do it for an additional 2 years
Maybe we will go darkish

why did you heat up?

I’m so comfortable that I can nonetheless learn it

With this, even when Togashi all of the sudden dies, I can nonetheless learn Hunter for a 12 months.

why did not you publish
too ambiguous

↑ Constraints and Promises
I made a promise that I needed to insert quite a lot of hiatus

It’s surprisingly attention-grabbing for the final two weeks
It may surpass the ant version

Thank you Togashi
work extra

The previous story of the brigade is probably the most attention-grabbing in current occasions
I’m completed speaking about ships

You can take a break from serialization, so give me the names till the final episode

I wish to go to the Dark Continent as quickly as attainable to see what to do with the numerous disasters

It’s harmful… I’m so comfortable…
I can nonetheless take pleasure in it, thanks Togashi-sensei
Husband sadness one hand tears

From what I’ve seen to date, this journal will probably be on hiatus in about two extra episodes.
Husband who does ahegao Husband who does not do Conversation


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