Hunt: Showdown – Best veneno construction

Slowly let your enemies pay you for what they have done to you. In this guide you will learn how to use veneno, press and complete the role of support in your trio. No one will have access to the boss’s security unless you want to.

Guide to building veneno


The purpose of this guide is to introduce you to a fun way to use Veneno and Trampas to control the movements of your enemies and gain access to certain areas in a solidary way.

This guide is not recommended for new players and also for people who are focused on a very aggressive playing style.

To fully enjoy the use of cheat codes and tricks, you need to be intelligent and careful and also be prepared to predict the movements of your enemies.

Main weapon

Your main weapon is the handball ballet equipped in both special ammunition slots with toxic coins (to have more ammunition).

The idea is to use it mainly against IA, but also to prevent other hunters from gaining access to certain areas, running towards you or even fleeing.

Considering that the main reason for having this weapon is to check the IA around your or your team, here is a list showing the damage done to each monster:

Butcher and Scrapbeak are very hard against veneno, they only hit 3 times with hard veneno and salt of guarida while in madness. Once you have finished their frustration, go into the captain’s guard again and strike a few more times, that will be enough to get rid of them.

Killing Assassin will not be such a different strategy, the only thing is that it will take a little more time to do so. The main blow to the assailant is to hit the lower part of his body, not to target the rays at his body, but to target his “feet”. That way you get even more damage.

As mentioned in this list, Spider is infallible, so leave it to your teammates to kill or, if necessary, find a body-to-body battle and do it the “old-fashioned” way.

All the other IAs on the list are, as you can see, self-explanatory.


Poison Trip Mines and Concertina Trip Mines will be the most important tools in your Plague Doctor construction.

You must first come under the supervision of the boss. Then you need to think about where your enemies will go.

Did you hear anyone stop? It will probably show an audio source or even in the direction you and your friends are looking for.

After deciding where your enemies are likely to sell, there are places to place 2 cheat games. Look for areas where your enemies will fall. Darker areas are the most desirable.

You can also place the traps outside the gates, but most players will look for them, so if you can not find other good places.

Two good places that I generally like to look for are the slightly deep streams (yes, one can lay over there) and the tall grass.

Here is the main configuration for your tricks:

Note: to place traps for us on travel mines, you must first place the mines, if you intend to place the traps for us first, the game will not allow you to do so. This configuration can kill an enemy hunter instantly, most of the time).

Other useful tools

  • Medkit (of course): If you want to take Vitality Shots on this construction, this will be your primary source of storage. I usually and always look for shops on the floor instead of using their own.
  • Choke Bomb: Since you are not going to have as many Concertina as Poison in the mines in the first levels, you must choose alienation bombs. This can also remove venous clouds, so if a partner dies inside a venous area, you can remove it with Choke. Here’s a complete guide on how distraction bombs are the best tool in the game.
  • Heavy knife: This is useful if you need to clean a concert area after someone dies in it.

Consumer goods

  • Bomba de veneno: choose two of these. The low tide to close the access to a door. You can put one up on the top of a dead enemy and avoid anyone intending to revive it.
  • Bomba Concertina: For the same use as the previous consumer, the only thing is that the area of ​​Bomba Concertina is larger and also much harder to remove.
  • Short antidote: this is 30 minutes long, you do not need to spend on an improved version, already 30 minutes is more than enough for a complete party. The reason you need this is that you can access the areas that are blocked with poison.


Main residues

  • Packmule (level 1, 3 points): Harvest your tools and consume as much as you can. Very important and cheap.
  • Coin Launcher (level 13, 4 points): Improves the loading speed of your ballet.
  • Frontiersman (level 39, 8 points): Each tool can be used more than once. Very important to bear the cost. This will give you more trap games and you will also have more boutique.
  • Furtivo Hunter (Level 59, 2 points): Very useful if you need to place traps during combat so your enemies don’t notice it.
  • Buitre (level 71, 3 points): repeat even more tools and consumables than the corpses that other players already have.

Andre rasgos utiles

Considering that you do not want resistance shots, and the main purpose of this construction is to reach the boss’s safety as quickly as possible, the scratches that provide resistance and movement bonuses are very good, such as: Greyhound, Determination and Gator Legs.

You will not take Vitality Shots because some rasgos will help you heal more easily: Ghoul and Doctor.

Mithridatist can be useful if you do not want to use Antidote Shots, but I do not recommend it much, depending on you.

Secondary weapon

His large armored weapon, like the name in this “secondary” version, can in most cases be what he wants.

But it takes into account that you do not have a gun, so all your “JcJ skills” will buy from it.

For example, if you are trapped with an enemy team, you will not have much time to lay any traps, so you will need a good secondary weapon.

Look for weapons with good response at short and medium range. I highly recommend Winfield M1873 and Winfield M1873C. But any weapon with a good amount of sand and a relatively good precision may be sufficient.

Some weapons are not recommended in this version: body to body (Bomb Lance, Saber), single shots (Sparks, Martini), any weapon with speed and shields (which do not have the ability to shoot at medium distances).


  • Safe and intelligent game. If you find the safety of the boss faster, you intend to set a trap while his teammates are matan.
  • Protect your ballet ammunition. Yes, almost all IAs can be killed, but it is necessary to have at least 5-6 rays when they come under the control of the boss.
  • Do not go alone with Plague Doctor. This compilation is based on the team game, so you can try to do it alone, but keep in mind that it is not an easy compilation to manage and it alone will be even harder.
  • Reabastecer, reabastecer, reabastecer. Every time you see a toolbox or a body, complete its tools and consumables. If you have something you do not want to use as a consumer, just a sack.
  • This construction cost more than $ 400 Hunt. And it can be even more dependent on the secondary weapon than Elijah. It’s a reasonable amount, but not so cheap. So be careful not to make it too easy to kill.
  • No pressure, no pressure. You are not the first line of your team, let your friends attack the enemy team and hide away from them by killing with veneno or with your secondary weapon. If your chances of surveillance are low, for example if both comrades die and there are 3 or more enemies on the way. Correr. Sure, most of you will not agree with me, but honestly, Plague Doctor is not a PVP-based construction, and the chances of dying instead of getting a hug are high.
  • Advise your teammates on their pitfalls. Especially if you post cheat codes while your teammates beat the boss, you need to be constantly warned about your cheating. One of your pings, do not write in the chat or say it with the voice of the game, because the nearest enemies also let you know.

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