Humble Classics Return Bundle – Return to the past

Et bundt chapado a la antigua

Like every Tuesday, one Bundle We come from the well-known online store, where there are regularly large packages of video games for sale at a very reduced price, which in addition will spread to charity. On this occasion, the store receives the new one Humble Classics Return Bundle that counts This year’s 10 games, but of high quality, worth buying the pen if you do not judge on its day.

Un Steam-rated package with no current discounts of over € 253.9 for then only 12.15 €. Prices are going down, so it’s getting late.

Humble Classics Return Bundle brings pearls to lovers of the most classic role, such as Torment: Tides of Numeneraspiritual sequel to the genre classic Planescape Torment; island Wasteland 2. In addition to these, games are also offered as the live sequel and the last entry in the series of long-running adventures Dreamfall chapters y Broken sword 5, island Shadowrun: Dragonfallthe spiritual successor of the classic of Super Nintendo.

Keep in mind that the Humble Monthly Bundle also has a $ 12 per subscription subscription. month the value of the games in total, depending on the month, round between 150 € – 250 €.

More information here with the February review.

Led by € 0.84:

Expires € 6.60:

Live for around € 12.15:

Humble Classics Return Bundle
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