Humble Brawler Bundle

Humble Brawler Bundle for 2D Fighter lovers

It’s Tuesday and one new bundle We come from the well-known online store, where there are regularly large packages of video games for sale at a very reduced price, which in addition will spread to charity. On this occasion, the store receives the new Humble Brawler Bundle that stands for 7 lucha games, but keep in mind that some of the versions are not the latest because the online modes are obviously without players.

Un Steam price package without current discounts of over € 143.93 for tan only 7.30 €. Prices are going down, so it’s getting late.

The Humble Brawler Bundle brings a copy to 2D Fighter lovers, e.g. GUILTY GEAR XX ΛCORE CORE PLUS Rwith 25 jugable grades, o Street Fighter X Tekken, which stands for one of the most comprehensive lists of iconic fighters in the history of wrestling games.

Keep in mind that the Humble Monthly Bundle also has a $ 12 per subscription subscription. month the value of the games in total, depending on the month, round between 150 € – 250 €.

More information here with the February review.

Led by € 0.84:

Expires € 4.02:

Live for around € 7.30:

Humble Brawler Bundle
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