How to withdraw Bitcoin from PayPal

Bitcoin continues to be a hot topic right now as new companies join the cryptocurrency trend to attract new customers to their platforms or products.

One of the companies that has announced support for Bitcoin is PayPal. The online payment service will introduce a new cryptocurrency service in October 2020 that allows its EE users. UU. buy, sell and maintain Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum.

There are no doubt some ads about PayPal support for cryptocurrency.

Can I withdraw or transfer Bitcoin from Paypal?

In a few words, no.

PayPal currently does not allow its users to transfer Bitcoin to various billboards.

This may be news for some titles, especially if you have not read the Terms and Conditions of PayPal’s cryptocurrency service.

Status of the T & Cs:

Currently, you CANNOT send cryptographic activation to family or friends, nor withdraw cryptographic activation from your cryptomonetics center to an external cryptomonetric ticket. You CAN also use cryptographic activities directly as currency to pay for goods or services. If you want to raise the value of its cryptocurrency center, sell your cryptocurrencies and withdraw the effective proceeds from the sale or use those proceeds effectively to pay for the purchase.

Basically, this means that cryptocurrency on the PayPal platform is just an investment; you can only buy and sell Bitcoin, and PayPal has the keys to all of its cryptocurrencies. PayPal is not the only one doing this, as Robinhood also allows its users to transfer Bitcoin. In fact, some cryptocurrency enthusiasts are tempted to confirm that you really are not the “owner” of cryptocurrency in these situations.

Supposedly, this system has some benefits, one of which is that you do not risk losing your Bitcoin keys.

In statements to CNBC, Asheesh Birla, general manager of Ripple, compared the setup to depositing money in a bank. “You’re sure Bank of America actually has your US dollars in its bank accounts and gives you a payment.”

And what now?

Well, this actually leaves you with two options: leave your Bitcoin in your PayPal account or sell the cryptocurrency and go back to buying it somewhere else.

If you want to use Bitcoin to pay something, you need to buy the cryptocurrency through another platform, such as Coinbase, Binance or CashApp.

There is a possibility that PayPal may allow its users to withdraw or transfer cryptographic activities to other billboards. Robinhood states, for example, that “it is currently working to block the possibility of depositing and withdrawing permitted cryptocurrencies.” Without restrictions, there is no guarantee that PayPal will offer the same service.

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