How to win the Siege Engine Boss Fight

Tea Siege Engine is the director of East Fortress in Tunic, and keep one of the three color levels you need to advance in your adventure. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the toughest boss fights you will face throughout the game, which is probably the way you will find it here. Here’s all you need to know about how to turn on the sewing machine in Tunica.

Attack by acid machines

The first thing you want to do is have as many attacks as the assassin machine can use against you. The first is a body-to-body attack that can cause great damage, as well as a second body-to-body attack in the form of piercing with stones. Every time you see one of your legs stand up, you will know that you want to move fast.

Then they have attacks at Siege Engine range, the first of which is a bombardment of missile-like projectiles that can cause massive damage.

It also has a laser-like attack that can cause great damage if you get hit.

The best way to approach the sewing machine is in the Tunic

The best method we have found to close the sewing machine is to hold it as close to your body as possible. This allows you to reach the two key points on the stamping machine: its front and the small knot on the landing gear.

Imagine that you are the mosquito that really bothers you when you try to enjoy a scene in the open air, constantly jumping and avoiding your crazy blows in the air.

This is the energy you want to channel towards the asedio machine. Each time you pull the board, use your shot to avoid pressing A and then take two or three blows with your sword.

If you stay close to the sling machine, not only will you avoid using its missile attack, but it will also be much easier to avoid the attack with a laser beam, so you can simply run around its bones and pump energy to the next one. attack body against body. now that your resistance indicator is running.

If you get caught, quickly use the mouse to release the dryer into place, which allows you to breathe quickly and receive a few strokes before releasing it.

You will also notice that a number of junk enemies will take part in the action. As long as you stay very close to the parking motor, you can ignore them so that they and the boss themselves get hurt and take full care of themselves.

That’s all you need to know about get to the forefront of the asedio machine in Tunica. To provide more tips and tricks, dlprivate server or see more of our game coverage later.

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