How to Win The Heir Boss Fight

Tunic has many disgusting headbands like the Siege Engine, but none are as heavy as ‘The Heir’. This is the amazing zorro creation that you encounter at the beginning of the game, and in the end you turn to the one responsible for releasing it. It’s an incredibly tough battle between chiefs, so what are we here to talk about. how to win The Heir boss fight in tunic.

To overcome the battle for the heir to the first chief

Once you have received the three low colors, you will be ready to confront the Heir for the first time after asking him to be freed from the strange prism in which he was trapped.

Unfortunately, no matter what happens here, you will lose this battle and die. Our poor little fox protagonist is still not strong enough to face The Heir, and this then begins the second part of the game.

The only exception to this is if you have used the trick inevitably to avoid dying. It undoubtedly breaks the game a bit as it is assumed that you should not win it the first time.

Venciendo a The Heir Final Boss Battle in Tunics

Once you have visited all the Heroes’ Tumbas and have taken these articles to help smooth out your stats, you will be ready to meet the heir again.

Before embarking on this fight, make sure you have a solid knowledge of items that counteract merchant resistance, consumables like bombs, as well as the blue bays that restore MP and that you will use as many of your magic attacks as possible to reduce your health ..

Also, make sure you have the Scavenger Mask and Hourglass amulets equipped so these will make the second phase much easier. The sundial will give you a little extra time to avoid the large amount of attack, while the carrot mask eliminates the damage of the attached cavity.

Theorem 1

The first phase of The Heir is relatively simple once you have all the potential and have made the necessary preparations.

The main attack to be taken care of is The Heirs body-to-body attack, balancing its long sword around its perimeter. You’ll have to drop the sword to the ground before you move, so just use your career to drop the radio.

In another body-to-body attack, the Heir moves forward with his sword. Ideally, keep calm and just jump to one side and receive some blows, or use some of your bomb elements to cause even more damage.

The heir will also stab his sword in the ground and create a shock wave attack that will disperse the place where the chief is paraded. You can turn your radio on and off when it eventually disappears, or you can overheat if you’re sure you can do it right.

Finally, be careful of The Heir’s AoE attack, telegraphed by him lifting his sword over his head. This will cause the rays to radiate from the top and scare the arena. Clearly, small circles on the floor in the arena will indicate where the collapse came from, leaving only a circle around them.

The most important thing to do here is to concentrate on protecting your skeleton where possible, in order to maintain resistance, and then inflict a few blows between each of The Heir’s attacks. Do not be too codifying: One or two blows from your sword or charged bombs, and then back to safety green should easily pass this first stage.

Phase 2

Once The Heirs health bar is reduced to zero, phase two begins and its health bar is fully restored.

This time you have to deal with the same attacks, but now they will add the ‘cavity’ / skysky damage. The worst of these is The Heir’s dressing attack, which will make almost every sand covered with powdery substance.

The best advice for surviving Phase Two of this fight is to spend a minute or two settling down and learning the heirloom’s attack patterns before attacking. This allows you to see how the movements in phase one have changed. For example, your body-to-body attacks have multiple oscillations in an intention to catch you if you wake up too fast.

Other than that, keep firing bombs whenever you can and use the weapon to inflict serious damage. Use your blue MP bayas to respond to your magic bar and save your time to inflict damage again. Due to the fact that The Heirs attacks are the strongest and fastest in this phase, it is much more important to make a few attacks before they escape quickly.

That’s all you need to know about to beat the heir with technique. Congratulations, now everyone is ready to dig into all the secrets behind the game.

For more tips and tricks about the game, be sure to consult the links later.

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