How to Win Starscourge Radahn Boss Fight

The Fire Ring is full of frustratingly difficult games, and it should come as no surprise to anyone who has heard of the Soulsborne game. This boss takes things to a higher level, even for these standards, but we are here to take a hand. Here it is how to win Starscourge boss Radahn’s battle in the Elden Ring.

How to Win Starscourge Radahn Boss Fight in the Fire Ring

First, I was at level 50 when I finally hit Radahn, and it still took me a lot, mangeos intends to do so. Without embargo, this battle is the only one you will summon multiple NPCs to help you in battle. The battle takes place on a hard battlefield, so your little NPC force runs into battle with you.

One of the best NPCs to have in that fight is Blaidd, a companion to Ranni, the witch. Continue through the Ranni search bar and find Blaidd on the Siofra River. Do what he says and then come back with him and he will be there to invoke you when you meet Radahn at Redmane Castle in this “festival” of battle.

Starscourge Radahn phase 1

The portal leading to Wailing Dunes, the site of the match, will leave you at the far end of the arena, in front of Radahn. You will begin to disappear with a magic bow, but the disappearances can chronologically turn a swing forward or backward as you approach.

To avoid these distractions, move through the battlefield from one NPC call sign to another and beat everyone one by one as you approach Radahn. It will also explain things by making iron shots from the sky. Keep uploading to Torrent and keep logging in until you stop loading.

The best part of NPC invitations is that you can revive the activation of their invocation signals one more time. Be aware when the game tells you that someone is dead, and if they die prematurely, turn to Torrent to search for their golden invocation signals again.

The most useful NPC callers are Blaidd for its car-absorbing ability to absorb blows, and Finger Maiden Therolina for its AOE control ability. Every time you see Therolina toasted and with a yellow sparkle, stick close to it to dry without using a straw.

Having said this, all invocations are useful in that they distract Radahn and cause less damage while attacking Hechicerías or Conjuros at long distances or approaching you body to body. If body to body is your most important option, it is to stay away from it all the time. It rides on a very small horse and cannot always bring it back right away.

Consider all of these things while looking for some of your more devastating attacks. Radahn can essentially ride the derivative on his little horse as if it were a car, so it has a lot of circular motions to accompany its giant knives. Wheel forward, toward your sling, and as you begin to rotate in circles as you cut. You want to be right on the back of his horse, basically.

In the middle of the first phase, Radahn will start using pure electric strikes that will make this a much harder fight. Now you can use a suction motion that reaches you, send guided orbs, create an earthquake, and use an AOE explosion.

Remember these flaws: gravity attraction can be blocked so as not to be absorbed by its next attack, the orbs can roll, the earth wave can bounce and the AOE can avoid running towards its sword, which only happens in front of him.

Distance attacks have an advantage here, especially if they are distracted by invocation NPCs, which will mostly be outside attack potential. But body to body can open it quickly at right angles. When your health drops below 50%, the second phase begins.

Starscourge Radahn phase 2

Here you can find one of the reasons why it is called Starscourge. At the beginning of phase two, Radahn will fly up to the sky and return to the sky like a flying star in flames. DO NOT wait to get close to you when you return, otherwise it is almost certain that it will die instantly. Listen to Torrent and cabalga to avoid his revenge as you see the sky and revive any dead NPC summon.

Elden Ring Radahn star fugaz

The red electric moves are rising a bit in this phase now that the boss has added new features to his arsenal while improving the old ones in phase one. The first thing Radahn will do is invoke huge rocks that float around it and can be used as projects at times seemingly randomly. Do not go too far or you will definitely disappear with the search engines. Stones can be blocked or avoided as bullets, but they are a little faster.

The new attacks to consider include one where Radahn flies up to the sky and is launched against you twice. Wheel up to him twice as he approaches to avoid injury. Gravity has a much wider range, and the AOE explosion is much bigger now, so this is really an injury career at this point.

You will die if this battle rises so you start from a middle rank or stay below / behind him and do everything possible with the NPC convoy to try to heal. If you hit yourself while away from him, you will not even try to hit a critical blow to the head, just keep hitting until you are finally dead and gone.

That’s no doubt a difficult question, but it’s all you need to know about how to visit Starscourge Radahn in Elden Ring. Be sure to consult our game wiki guide to find more tips, tricks and other boss guides that will help you in Lands Between.

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