How to Win Godrick Boss Fight

Like the Souls games of the past, the latest FromSoftware role-playing game presents some of the most challenging encounters ever conceived. If Godrick is not even close to the top of the line in difficult turns, it could result in complications as he is early enough in the game and probably the toughest enemy that most players will have faced up to that point. Here we will review a guide regarding how to win Chief Godrick’s battle in the Elden Ring.

How to Win Godrick Boss Fight in the Fire Ring

elden ring como vencer a godrick

Godrick is a boss you do not have to meet until you have at least level 20, if not level 25+. It’s supposedly possible to beat it even below level 20, but you actually go into a world of pain at least if you’re very good at fighting the game, and if you are, then you do not need this guide !

For those of you who are struggling, here are some tips to help them with this battle:

  • Be at least level 25.
  • As always, make sure your fast track is not filled with unnecessary items that you do not need. Would like to have his love tears / brain in hand.
  • If you speak honestly, make sure to assign them adequately before I meet. Magical constructions will require more FP etc.
  • It is a spiritual invocation immediately when the struggle begins. Then prepare to avoid or protect yourself from your first attack.
  • If you are a magical construction astrologer, pick up the meteorite stick and Rock Sling, and simply launch the attack repeatedly. Here is a guide on how to find these articles.
  • You can run to the curb or to the right and use the accounting loops to interrupt some of Godrick’s attacks.
  • Learn the moment with Godrick’s attack. It has some very long strings that telegraph its attack, and you can easily program a turn under it or towards it, so when it ends, the animation can inflict a great deal of damage.
  • Do not be teasing. Respect Godrick’s attack and play slowly.

Godrick has two forms; In the middle of the fight, once you have reduced your health in the middle, it will turn into another way in which you use the head of a dragon to launch fire attacks. In this way, Godrick’s attack is much more powerful, but his movement is a little slower.

The first form of Godrick is more complicated if it mainly uses body-to-body attacks as a Force / Des-type construction, while its second form is more complicated for hechiz launchers with much less HP.

During its first phase, always wheel to warn you of your attack. Its other deceleration attacks can be easily incorporated, but the strike is too dangerous to measure with it, simply fiery salt! It also has a giratric attack that triggers a torbellino of hechizos that are hard to avoid. Intends to walk towards him to avoid injury, or simply collect the injury and prepare to heal quickly. No restrictions, in general, for body-to-body constructions, just try to synchronize your attacks with shots and then press when the animation is done. Bumpers only need to keep the distance and fire shocks when running around with their torbellinos (which they will primarily use when keeping the distance).

As mentioned earlier, the second shape is quite easy to contrast with a body-to-body style. As soon as Godrick fires his first fireball, he runs towards him and punches him in the face with a few blows. You can cause some damage here essentially for free. If you are a magical construction, you must pick up and heal any damage that accumulates, or you can run towards your attack and pass it to avoid the damage.

Another attack to consider under this second form is your dragon’s jaw, which you use to catch. The dragon head will fall before it can do this, for it is a good beep to remind you to walk around. In addition, keep your fists on the ground, and when using your short-range fire attacks, drive to one side or the other to avoid injury.

Remember, play fast and do not come back for coding to inflict damage. The only exception to this rule would be a magical configuration of launch spells, in which case your main goal is simply to launch your most powerful spells remotely.

Good luck, this guide will give you a good idea how to win Chief Godrick’s battle in the Elden Ring. Be sure to search on dlprivateserver or see our wiki guide for more tips, tricks and information about the game.

If you have a specific question that you can not find an answer to any part of the site, do not hesitate to communicate in the comments section further and we will do our best to help.

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