How to win a Tree Sentinel Boss Fight

FromSoftware’s latest game has a lot in common with its famous Dark Souls series, but due to the nature of its open-world design, the boss encounters come in two different varieties: the conventional type that starts as players progress through it first pared de niebla y quedar encerrado en un encuentro y un nuevo estilo de mundo abierto que se inicia cuando un jefe ve al player, pero se puede escapar huyendo. After beginning your adventure in the Elden Ring, you will encounter this last type almost immediately, although you should probably ignore it at first! Una vez que haya subido de nivel y haya regressado, aquí está como vencer al Tree Sentinel en Elden Ring.

As mentioned earlier, you should ignore the Tree Sentinel for a while until it levels up. Probably because of this, he intends to take it down to level 15 more or less. In fact, we didn’t defeat it until level 23, several hours after our quest in The Lands Between.

How to defeat the Sentry Tree in Elden Ring

El Tree Sentinel es un jefe montado que se meeve rapidente y puede closer distancias rapidente e infligir masivos daños. It’s not to be underestimated, but really it’s pretty easy to win once you understand your movement patterns and you have enough health to withstand a few hits and you can deal enough damage with each of your own attacks.

You should also have Cenizas Nobles Errantes or Cenizas de Lobo Solitario, which serve as a useful distraction.

Tenga en cuenta que we vancimos al Tree Sentinel como una construcción de astrologo centrada en la magia, using only the basic attack Glinstone Pebble. Too bad embargo, there is a difference in the construction, en puede aplicar esta strategy, aunque le sugerimos invertir en un arco para que pueda golpear al Tree Sentinel con ataques a distancia. Acercarse a este jefe es peligroso. Esta es una batalla que se lucha mejor desde una posición montada, por lo que querrás permanerar en Torrent mens dure.

Aquí hay un desglose step by step:

  • Start desplegando Cenizas de Noble Errante or Cenizas de Lobo Solitario en el camino del Árbol Centinela. Mientras montas en Torrent, flank him and wait until he faces the ashes. This is the signal to shoot magic damage, lightning, or run behind him and take a hit or two.

    como vencer al arbol centinela en elden ring

  • Después de que tengas el Tree Sentinel, él commenzará a perseguirte. Huye (no corras) y mantén la distancia mientras lo rodeas. Eventually, una vez que se acerque, terminará un ataque. Aquí es cuando debes salir corriendo pressingando Círculo/B. Luego, después de que falle, dispare hechizos/virotes or fláquelo rapidamente para un attack cuerpo a cuerpo.

    como vencer al arbol centinela en elden ring

  • Repeat this process. No corra riesgos innecesarios. This is a slow and careful strategy that may take some time but will keep you safe in the end. Recuerde tener sus frascos listos for reponer HP/FP cuando sea necesario.

    como vencer al arbol centinela en elden ring

  • El Tree Sentinel generally uses two variations of a charged body attack, but he can use his shield to deflect magic attacks, and sometimes he will attack you with his shield. Prepare to leave corriendo cuando esto ocurra.

    como vencer al arbol centinela en elden ring

  • After defeating the Tree Sentinel, you will be rewarded with the Golden Halberd.

  • Eso debiera darte todo lo que debes sabre sobre como vencer al Tree Sentinel en Elden Ring. Be sure to search for dlprivateserver or check out our guide wiki for more tips, tricks and information about the game.

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