How to watch FFXIV’s first world race – Dragonsong’s Reprise Streams

El FFXIV’s first world race because Dragonsong’s Reward has begun and only one can have a winner. A team of winners, technically speaking, but you understand the idea. It’s the first time in about 18 months that the first-level intrusion has had the “extreme” content they have, making room for a live FFXIV World First live broadcast race that generally lasts most of the following week.

Next, we’ll describe the best place to watch the Final Fantasy XIV World First race, whether you’re looking for a full squadron point of view or just the experience of your favorite class. If you want to clarify it yourself, see someone who plays their role who can help. But if you’re only here for entertainment, it can be exciting to watch a complete team game.

And if you play while watching, we also have a lot of 6.1 guides. The FFXIV 6.1 mission placement guide can help you unlock all the new combat content, and we can also show you how to get the new FFXIV capsule bracket if you’re a Nier fan looking for a comfortable ride.

Where to watch the first world race of FFXIV – Dragonsong’s Respite Streamers


As was the case with the previous Savage and Extreme content, MogTalk has a great configuration for the FFXIV World First race. Through Dragonsong’s Respite event, it organizes a host of broadcasts over time and encourages popular FFXIV streamers and content creators to comment on the progress live.

It is also made with fine finishes so that one can feel really good about them. Without restrictions, it is a group list, so it will be difficult to see the individual players perform their roles. It’s not great to learn, even if you get the whole game’s context in one transmission, but it’s perfect for keeping up with the action.


For a clear overview of the FFXIV World First race, the Shenpai transmission is for you. It’s a different point of view from Guerrero / tank, but there is no front camera sitting in the path of the chat box and nothing below it. If you do not want to lose something, go for it.


The FFXIV streamer long ago and the alkaline XenosysVen have transmitted its own progression of first-level whimsy over the years. Part of one of World First’s very series of progression sequences, it’s one of those you should see if you’re looking for a Tank POV from Dragonsong’s Respite.


Sir. Happy, another Final Fantasy streamer from a long time ago, this time offers a respite from Bard / DPS Dragonsong. It’s a pillar of the Final Fantasy XIV community with many useful guides on its YouTube channel.


Momo takes the opener to handle an ultimate match this time, alternating between Scholar and Sage, as the team demands. There is a lot to learn with this game, and with everything to the extreme, scammers will definitely learn some valuable skills to see bomb numbers at any time.


Singapore streamer Stal is celebrating his fourth anniversary as a Twitch partner, just as FFXIV’s first world career begins. It covers the Bard / ranged DPS point of view in the same way as Mrhappy, but it does so with its usual Vtuber style. It is a quieter stream.

It’s too early for North American transmissions at the moment, so we’ll return to this to add more transmission links to the goal we are performing. For more context, consult the first MogTalk FFXIV world career progression records of past events to measure how long it would take to resolve the last extreme battle.

And if you want to see when you get into the new PVP mode, you can also learn how to eliminate the FFXIV Garo event while it’s on.

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