How to visit Astel, Naturalborn of the Void

Despite the large size and the frightening design, Astel is not exactly in the category of the game’s most difficult bosses, that is, if you approach the game with a decent plan in mind. So if you are having problems, here are some helpful tips. Here it is how to visit Astel, Naturalborn of the Void and Elden Ring.

How to visit Astel, Naturalborn of the Void and Elden Ring

Astel is scary and awful to look at, but a little preparation will make it work without any problems. Initially, it will seek to perform the Mimic Tear Ashes invocation of Nokron’s Night’s Sacred Ground section. The mechanic makes a complete copy of your person with all the armor, weapons, equipment and items.

Mimic Tear will serve as a great distraction, as well as a source of additional damage and cleaning if equipped with a hot stone or other dangerous objects that consume FP that already have infinite FP. Weapons or items with accumulation of blood loss and side effects also work well here.

burning stones in the fire ring

Constructions based on Int or Faith must also equip a cane or seal before the imitation is encouraged to give certain steps to Hechicerías or Conjuros instead of where Astel aims at both in the same place.

Astel, Nacido Natural del Vacío Phase 1

Like the Starscourge Radahn, the Astel will leave you instantly with a twinkle as soon as the snow door crashes, then get ready to get out of the closet or right right away. So call Mimic Tear while you have everything you want.

Body-to-body constructions should be taken as close as possible to the side of the head, avoiding its front pins. Remote structures can be struck from behind or next to, which should have hechicerías, charms or flashes that can hit the highest parts of Astel’s body. Without restraint, attacking the head takes much more damage, and you can repair the boss faster.

As it gets closer, Astel will use cola strokes, arm strokes or more lashes. The blows with the arms are already dark brown magic that explodes after a short delay, so get rid of those arms if possible. Once nearby, avoid shock waves. The lashes are repeated about four times and begin after Astel begins to maintain bright purple lanes.

These are the simplest moves to keep in mind, but fighting is not easy for a long time. Things start to get complicated as Astel accepts a bit of telecommunications. There are two telecommunications transports you need to keep in mind: when it is telecommunicated before you, and when it is telecommunicated to a place next to you.

When Astel is up, he will strike down to cause physical damage, and when he is on your side, he will make an agar that is likely to be killed by a single blow. Here’s where the Mimic Tear comes in handy: in my case (as you can see above), Astel held the mimic instead of me, and yet it did not die.

Continue aiming at the head and other parts of the body while making sure to avoid the previously mentioned attacks.

Astel, Nacido Natural del Vacío phase 2

Once the boss’s health drops to 50%, you get rid of giant rocks as you get some of the biggest enemies in the form of a scale further in the game. It is imperative to avoid them by following them unless you want to be beaten or killed.

To finish with this before it is possible, keep in mind that aiming at the head can cause it to hang constantly, opening up more opportunities for critical attacks.

Not surprisingly, except for that meteorite motion, Astel continues to be the same until the end. Keep it as close as possible to him at this point so you do not get caught by missing big rocks in no way to take revenge to end the fight.
If you’m lucky, Mimic Tear will also take the worst part of the boss’ attack in this phase.

That’s all you need to know about how to visit Astel, Naturalborn of the Void and Elden Ring. Be sure to consult our wiki guide for more tips, tricks, and guides as you explore Lands Between.

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