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As Elden Ring incorporates the cooperative multiplayer mode into the fight, players are expected to communicate with those who help them in the fight against these brutal bosses. Ahi is each The ring movements of the fire go into the game and act as short animations that you can use to show some kind of emotion or just communicate with other players.

What are the movements?

Gesture is the Elden Ring term for what we call emotes, dances or animations in other games. Allow your character to hold and perform a small animation in any part of the open world, and you can also add to any message you leave to other players around the world.

Use gestures in the Elden Ring

  • Press the PlayStation Options button or the Xbox Menu button to open the menus.
  • Select the gesture you want to use on the right side of the screen.

    Use the d-pad to move the cursor to the movement and make sure it is fixed.

    using ring motions

  • Press X / A to select and perform the movement.

    fire ring gesture

  • Get more moves in the Fire Ring

    To get more moves, just keep playing. We have found some of these around the world as brilliant white orbits that sometimes represent elements or resources, and we have also received them for defeating enemies or talking to NPCs.

    There is also the gesture ‘The Ring’ (pictured above), which is presented as a bonus when pre-ordered.

    Change the actions of the Fire Ring

    Once a large collection has been assembled, you can change the actions displayed on the menu screen by selecting one with the d-pad and pressing Y on it.

    how to change gesture for branding

    Then select the gesture you want to reuse and press X / A to confirm. You can now use it from the menu screen as described in the previous steps.

    That’s all you need to know about using gestures in the Elden Ring. Directly to our wiki or see more of our guides on FromSoftware’s epic adventures to continue.

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