How to unlock the secret door in Pet Simulator X

Ask yourself how to unlock the secret door in Pet Simulator X ¿updating? You are not the only one. Just before the Hardcore Pet Sim X update arrived on Roblox, the game’s developer presented a video showing another player “escaping” the update and revealing the secret door. In reality, sin embargo, it’s not that simple. Here we show you how to enter.

With the new update of Pet Simulator X, it brings modo Hardcore exclusively to the game. Aunque es el foco de la update, también han aparecido un montone de pequeñas puertas secretas en los viejos mundos, creando confusión entre los players que luchan por encontarlas or simply no pueden abrirlas.

To get more content for Pet Simulator X, no dispute about codes for Pet Simulator X. It is a distinctive feature that is not a frequency that allows you to sell merchandising, but as an additional new code. The new list of values ​​of Pet Simulator X and the new confidential page of Roblox codes are not important for other games.

Where is the secret door in Pet Simulator X?

The Harcore Pet Simulator X update actually brought two secret doors to the game. El que aparece en el video de vista previa tenía un candado, pero se abrió de immediato para el fitrión y apparently prohibió les entrar.

In reality, the door is closed for most players, and in reality it leads to a new hoverboard. You’ll find it in the Spawn World Shop, which is the first teleport on the list. Dirígeta hacia los artículos fragile y debieres ver una casa morada to la derecha con un cado en la puerta. This is the new secret door to Hardcore mode in Pet Simulator X.

To update, players also found another secret door. This is not that hard to unlock, but it is harder to detect. You will find it in the Glitch Shop (teleport to it through the menu) in the upper left side next to the Glitch Eggs. Acércate lo suficiente y podrás pressinar E para abrir la puerta. Cuesta diamantes y Monedas, y presenta dos new Glitch Eggs que puedes comprar detrás de él.

How to unlock the secret door in Pet Simulator X

To unlock the secret door in the Hardcore Pet Simulator X update, you need to do one simple thing: unlock the Hardcore world.

Para hacer eso, debes haber llegado a Void World (where you’ll find the Hardcore World teleporter disguised as a skyscraper at the foot of the stairs) and also get 25 percent of the Maestría page undone, which means leveling a stack. de habilidades de Maestría si aún no lo has hecho.

Once you’ve met the requirements and entered the Hardcore World, you can teleport directly to the Spawn World Shop space and open the door by throwing coins and diamonds.

Behind him you’ll find a new hoverboard to collect, making it one of the easiest (but bigger) ways to get a hoverboard if you don’t want to spend Robux on the privilege.

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