How to unlock the Lost Valley domain

The 2.6 update has added a new Dominion in addition to all the new missions to be performed and items to be performed. If you’re wondering how to get exactly to the new Dominion inside The Chasm, we’re here to help you. Here it is how to unlock the domain of the lost valley in Genshin Impact.

How to Resolve the Ruins of the Lost Valley Domain in Genshin Impact

This is a bit complicated, even for players who have been exploring Teyvat for some time. In fact, we even have a short clip below in the guide so you can see exactly how to do it if the steps don’t make much sense.

Initially, use a Geo character, preferably one that can place a Geo construction that does not disappear too soon. Used Zhongli but Geo Traveler also works fine.

When you have a Geo character, here’s what you need to do:

  • Coloque a Geo construction near the two antorchas, right next to the entrance to Dominio.

    You need to quickly go through the next step so that the construction is active all the time.

    Genshin Impact Lost Valley Dominio Geo (1)

  • Dates the turn and power to the blue and shiny rocks.

    Jump as you step on the rocks to lift through the air.

    Genshin Impact Lost Valley Domain Jump (1)

  • Fleet to the huge rock with golden geo-energy arranged around it.

    It is the tallest rock, slightly to the right of where it jumps.

    Genshin Impact Lost Valley Dominio Geo Piedra (1)

  • Another Geo Attack while on the big rock to activate it.

    The waves of energy will move through the floor and hit the Geo construction that took place in step one, opening the way to the Dominion of the Lost Valley.

    Genshin Impact Lost Valley Geo Stone Attack (1)

  • A short scene is played if everything is done correctly. An entrance to the cave where the Antorchas are will be opened and you will be able to walk to find the Dominion of the lost valley in the interior.

    If it’s still hard to figure out how to fix these cracks while looking at the pictures shown above, you can see the short clip of the complete sequence here:

    It’s a little complicated, but it’s all you need to know about how to unlock Dominion of the Lost Valley in Genshin Impact. Be sure to consult our wiki guide for more tips, tricks, and other useful information as you play.

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