How to unlock Godzilla and King Kong operator masks in Warzone and Vanguard

The Call of Duty franchise does not offer a single force with different movies and TV shows. Throughout his story, characters such as Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, John McClane from Die Hard and most recently the anime series Attack on Titan.

Most of the crossovers include a spectacular Warzone event in addition to a number of time-limited cosmetic items displayed in the game store. The last characters to appear in season 3 of Battle Royale are Godzilla and King Kong as part of the Operation Monarch event.

Prior to the season, Activision has shared a wealth of information on three new packages that include a range of themed cosmetics and unique masks for use during a party.

Instead of completing a puzzle in the game, it is much easier to get these items. Here it is, find out how to unlock the masks from Godzilla and King Kong Operator in Warzone and Vanguard in this guide.

Release Date for Call of Duty Godzilla and the King Kong Package

Despite the fact that information appears on what each of the three packages contains, there is still no information on when it will appear in both games. Despite this, we can decide based on what we know about season 3.

If the new season starts on April 27, Operation Monarch, which involves the monsters, will start on May 11, which means there is a high probability that the packs will be launched when the event begins, and throughout the event.

Once we’ve found the exact launch dates for the packages, we’ll update this article with everything we know.

How to unlock Godzilla and King Kong packages

Without the need for a break in the game to get these amazing packages, players can purchase them at the Vanguard and Warzone store. According to the recent launch of the Snoop Dogg and Armored Titan packages, we expect the Godzilla and Kong packages to cost 2400 COD points (approximately £ 20).

If you buy multiple packs, you can earn exclusive weapon calcomanías and a player title while purchasing the three packs to unlock the Apex Phase Rifle ammunition plan.

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What’s in the Godzilla and King Kong packages?

As mentioned earlier, there are three packages that contain a wide range of items that will be amazing on the battlefield. Find a complete overview of each package and the elements it contains!

Track package: King time-limited package

  • Aspect of the legendary operator “Kong”
  • “Temple of Kong” rifle plan
  • SMG “Skull Island Shaker” weapon plan
  • Body to body weapon plan “Kong’s Scepter”
  • Last step on “gravity investment”
  • Aerosol “Primordial Power”
  • Weapon amulet “Muñeca de Jia”
  • Animated emblem “King Roar”
  • Selected introduction to “Watch Your Back” (Exclusive Vanguard)

Tracer package: Godzilla Reactive Mastercraft Time-limited package

  • Aspect of the legendary operator “Godzilla Ghillie”
  • Rifle plan “Aliento de Godzilla”
  • LMG’s legendary plan “Alfa despierta”
  • “Gojira Stomp” last move
  • “Protector of the Earth” Call Card
  • of aerosols
  • Animated Emblem “Godzilla Heat Ray”
  • “Big Mistake” MVP (Exclusive Vanguard)

Rastreadors package: Mechagodzilla time-limited package

  • Aspect of the legendary operator “Mechagodzilla”
  • MVP included in “Automatic Learning” x2 (Exclusive Vanguard)
  • Characteristic introduction to “Rival Protocol” (exclusive from Vanguard)
  • Assault rifle plan “Cyber ​​Destructor”
  • Legendary SMG weapon plan “Neural Uplink”
  • Body to body weapon plan “Nanometal Tail Blade”
  • See “Network Activity Time”
  • Amulet “Head of Mechagodzilla”
  • “Developing together” emblem

That’s all there is to know about the King Kong and Godzilla packages that come with Vanguard and Warzone. For all the latest Call of Duty information, check out our full pages for the best loading guides, filters, and the latest news.

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